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If you're looking for little things to distract your from your work or life, you've come to the right page. Instead of having to open up all your own crappy emails with lousy jokes, photos, videos etc... and wasting precious time, you can come here and know that most of our crappy jokes, photos, videos etc... will be better than yours as we have very strict criteria for posting them here.(Mason has to like them enough to send them to me and I have to like them enough to post them)......... Oh, and some of these are actually informative and interesting, so it's not really all jokes.... just interesting little tidbits that could help make your life more interesting...

New additions will be put at the top of each category column... and if you have a good selection to add send it to The Carrboro News

*****- Extra Good....

Human Interest
*****Amazing Bicyclist
*****The Cliff Climber
Piano Prodigy
*****Fastest Man with a Gun in The World
Insert Foot in Mouth
Arkansas SAT Answers
Elk Decoy
The Human Body
The Greek Robin Hood
Great Medical Advice?
Fathers and Diapers
Italian Lessons
How Not to Watch a Glacier
Fastest Gun in the World
Things I Have Learned Living in North Carolina
Class Project Gone Wrong
The New Job Market
Why Fly Olympic Airlines?
Sponsor an Executive Commercial
Volunteer in Africa- RSPCA
For the Man that Drinks Bud Lite
*****Craig's List- Apology
*****Last Race at the Honeymoon Downs
The Slingshot Man
Leno Interviews
*****George Carlin- The Modern Man
*****Buddy Greene Harmonica at Carnegie Hall
What Children Write About The Ocean
*****Jake Simabukuro- Incredible Ukulele playing
*****Two Super Polish Musicians
About The Teacher's Salary
Don't Honk at Old People
*****Naturally Seven- Live Spontaneous Paris Metro
New York Homeless
Crack Spackle
*****Why Moms Can't Do Yoga
Business Time
Lesbians vs. Lesbians

The Baby T-Shirt Series
Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight
*****The Sharpest Tack- Boom!
What If The Beatles Were Irish?
DUI Breath Test
An Elephant Story
I'm Sorry Officer
Judge Judy
A Bad Day at Work
Bob Dylan's woman
*****Joe Cocker- A Little Help from my Friends
The Best Divorce Letter
Wiggers- A Growing Problem
Dumb Ass of The Year Award
Rachel Raye- Husk My Cobb
Senor Boating
Speeding Ticket
Motivational Message of The Day
*****Passing Tests with Dignity
The Whipped Man
*****Wal Mart Bingo
I Believe

Twins- Separated at Birth?
Red Neck Carnival Ride
Kids Playing in Germany
*****That's My Parking Spot
Zimmerman Creation Science101

Early Communication
21 Marines
Tools Explained
Smart Women
Morning Sex
Marriage- Before and After
Marriage & Sharing
Women's Ass Study
Red Neck Lent
The Italian Vegetable Garden
A Boat Story
Willie Nelson
George W. Bush Library
The Man with No Arms
Three Things
The 2029 Headlines
25 Ways to Tell You've Grown Up
First Know Picture of Michael Phelps
The Duck
A Gift For Dad
Model Sues Doctor
A Beer Before it Starts
The Gift Certificate
The Morman and The Irishman
The Salesman
Mergers & Consolidations
New IRS Tax
Lehman Brothers Employees Protest
The Original Happy Meal
New Eye Test
Think You're Having a Bad Day?
Government Cats
And Then The Fight Started
His & Hers Diary

Wife's Good & Bad News
Husband Wanted

Misc. Stuff -
8 Reasons Not to Take The Kids to The Zoo
The Life of a Queen Bee
*****Octopus and Greece.....
Stavenger Norway Hike

Relief From Life's Pressures
The Best Cordless Drill Commercial
*****The Amazing Giraffe Picture
When The Eye sight Begins to Go
*****Newsday- Animator Walt Handlesman's Baby Boomers Video
*****Bob Newhart Therapy Method- Two Words
12 Days of Christmas medley
Car Humor- Corvette & Ferrari
*****Sub- Prime Primer(click to change screen)
Peep Show
Tour of Dubai
State of the Art- 1983
A Love Story
The Circle of Life- Success
The Yodeler
*****India- Our Tech Support Specialists
Tatoo Remover
*****How to tell if your Ass is too Small
Running of The Bulls
Balloon Dog
Cannine Erectile Dysfunction
Septic Truck Sign
Darwin Dimwit Awards
Michaelangelo's David Returns From US
New Airline Rates
Airline Luggage Safety Idea
When Insults had Class
Men Bloopers
Selected Quotes
Your Investments- Bank Commercial
The Economy is Good
Fleggaard Commercial- Whoever They Are
One Word Riddle
Hooked On Phonics
Motivational Posters
*****Was China Ready for The Olympics?
*****More Was China Ready for The Olympics?
Stuffed Animals in The Car

Minnestoa Summer is Coming
Minnesota Global Warming Protest
Uncle Jay's 2008 in Review
I think Mama is Santa Claus
Christmas Down Under
Groundhog Day- 2008
Tragic Day in The North Country
Bill Mayer and The Church
*****Jesus Light Switch
*****Under The Mistletoe
Thanksgiving- Where did we go wrong?
Christmas Joke
Santa Claus Bailout Hearings

Bush's Top Ten
The George Bush Commerative Coin

The Amero and The North American Union
Sock and Awe- The President Bush Game
*****Robbin Williams on The Obama Election
Detroit Auto Bailout Photo
David Bowie Changes
Editorial on Radical Islam
Obama-Clinton Settle Differences
The Best of George W. Bush
Red State Update- Video
I'm Voting Republican
*****Who is leading China? Bush and Rice
McCain Voice leak to Pallin
The Front Fell Off
I'm Confused
Monty Python's Palin For President
Not From NIgeria
White Privilege
Wall Street Bailout Contributions
Republican Truths
Dancing with the Stars- Obama/Palin
Government Notice
Your Vote Counts
Bush Speaks- SNL
Air Force One- 2009
*****The Original Maverick(s)
*****Presidential Chase Musical
Letter to The Red States
Modern Wizard of OZ
Obama's Controversial Style

Kewl Stuff
Extreme Squirrel Suit Base Jumping
Lufthansa Aborted Landing in Hamburg
Amazing Car Feats
Jet Powered Semi- Truck
Meteora Greece
An Exceptional Pig
A Huge Wild Boar
World Air Traffic Map
New Michelin Airless Tires

Recovery of US Airways 1546/Hudson River
What Brought Down USAirways 1546
So You Think You Can Drive a Forklift
World's Longest Trucks
*****Ball Dancing
Airplane Dancing
Adobe Card Animation
*****Two Funny Guys...
Stand By Me
Rest Room Signs from around the world
The Incredible Wal-mart Ship
More of The Wal-mart Ship
*****Physicists Entertaining Themselves
Improv Everywhere- A Must See
*****Japanese Tow Trucks
Let the Sun Shine In
Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe
*****David Gallo: Underwater astonishments
Florida Power and Electric
*****Pamukkale, Turkey
*****Italian Motorbike Display
*****Do You Have a Backup Plan?
A New Amphibious Vehicle
Cooking Speghetti
*****Tractor Music
Cross-X Bicycle Descent
Ferrari Motorcycle
*****Japanese Mall Water Fountain
*****Ice Festival
Extreme Sports
*****New Technology
*****Good Ideas
Amazing Descent
Subaru Road Test
Hot Air Balloons


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