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In these pages we will be offering news stories that you won't read anywhere else. The Carrboro News is the news leader of Carrboro, quicker to get to the story and quicker at getting the story to you! Because of our rush to get the story out and beat our competitors, we cannot stand behind our work. We don't have the time or the inclination to check facts, so we will leave it up to the reader to sift through our articles and decide which facts are and which aren't. Afterall, if you were given the choice of either painstakingly researching the facts of a story, or spending quality time with your family or any myriad of other things, less mundane...which would you choose? Yes, we feel the same way, so better your time than ours!
The Carrboro News Staff

(Note: We can't always get our stories out before the competition, but we can change the dates we say the story is published! Please don't make any bets using our dates as a reference!)
Weaver Street Bans Children
The Great Wall of Weaver Street
Carrboro Mill House Sells for $1.2 Million...Or Does It?
What's Happenin' in the World of Badminton!
Investigative Report:
Carrboro Farmer's Market or Carrboro Baby Market? (Poll Added)
Carrboro Rated #1 in Backyard Hunting!
My Scuba Teacher-My Special Forces Operative in Afghanistan
Mitch For Carrboro Mayor (Poll Added)
Chapel Hill Resident Throws in Hat For Carrboro Mayoral Office
SUV's- The Silent Majority (Has Poll)
The Carrboro News Diet- A Revolutionary New Idea (Poll Added)
Carrboro Goes Smoke-Free! (Poll added)
The Night Climbers of Weaver Street!(Poll Added)
Saving Russian Brides- One Man's Crusade!
The Backside of 605 Main Street Butt Ugly or Innovation?
  Searching for the Saints
Dancing Bruce Thomas to be first Saint of Carrboro?
(Poll Added)
Historic Day in Carrboro-Dancing Bruce Protest &The Carrboro News recieves first letter to The Editor(Has Poll)
Weaver Street Market offers Outdoor Office Space
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Carrboro Real Estate Market Crashes..
Bill's Market Explodes...(Has Poll)-Added Aug 24(Reporter missed his deadline!)
Weaver Street Market Caves in to Carr Mill Demands!
"Compromise Reached 'For the good of The Community'"
"More den' dat" attend Dancing Bruce Protest Rally(Has Poll)
Global Warming-Finally Some Good News(Has Poll)
THE DREAM.....Dancing Bruce Sacrificed.....and Finally a Good Night's Sleep!
Weaver Street Market Compromise Interpreted(Has Poll)
Carborro's New Rent-a-Cop-Car Policy(Has Poll)
Coming Soon
High Street Flyers Fly High!(Has Poll)
Carrboro News Janitor Hits it BIG in Real Estate...Twice!
(Two page story with two polls)





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