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Athens, Greece Demonstrates for Dancing Bruce!

The Demonstration in Athens on September 21 was an amazing show of solidarity with it's little sister in America. What was originally billed as a demonstration in protest of the low teacher's salaries, amazed the spectators(as well as some of the demonstrators) as the reason for the demonstration was changed.

"It was brought to our attention late that a delegation from Carrboro, Nort Carolena was in town. We had a chance to meet with them", the demonstration coordinator explained, "and we when they explained to us the very unfortunate situation in America, we thought we had to show our solidarity. America had been the shining beacon of a process we, The Greeks, started 2500 years ago. The least we could do is show our support!"

The "Let Bruce Dance" signs being held by marching Greek teachers and students left The Carrboro News with a feeling of hope. "Today we saw thousands marching for Bruce. We're hoping for a similar response in Carrboro, but there is only a small window of opportunity. We've already started football season, we're heading into the World Series and before long, it will be Tar Heel Basketball season. Add to that the reruns of The Simpsons, Reality Shows and Soap Operas and we'll be hardpressed to get any sizable group together, but perhaps we can get a video of this demonstration broadcast over the Community Radio Station!"


Demonstrators at Syntagma Square show their support for Dancing Bruce of Carrboro. Who would have thought that the residents of one of the great cities of Europe would come to the rescue of Dancing Bruce?

By all counts the number of demonstrators was in the 20,000 person range, larger than even the total population of Carrboro. The fact that there were more people at this demonstration than live in Carrboro, led one entrepreneur to start a new business "Demos R Us". The concept being that if your town or city is not large enough to have a sizable demonstration that will rock public opinion, then you can hire a city that does! The details are being worked out for the sliding scale fee payment system, but there is also the possibility that they will move the demonstrations to a more virtual realm, which will cut expenses immensely. It's a lot cheaper to set up a virtual demonstration than to hire marchers, policemen, the riot squad and spectators to the demonstration!

The demonstrators, giddily happy about the turnout approached the Carrboro News delegation about having the whole demonstration flown to Carrboro. The Carrboro News concurred that it was a great idea and since there was no hotel in Carrboro, the prospect of having 20,000 Greek demonstrators sleeping on the streets of Carrboro would certainly bring attention to their cause! Shortly after that the demonstration was closed down by the riot police.(see next story- Dancing Bruce Demonstration Riot)

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