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Carrboro Bruce Demonstrators Dance with Athens Riot Police!

The Athens demonstration to support Dancing Bruce of Carrboro turned ugly when the riot police raced into Syntagma Square wielding their shields and canisters of tear gas. What began as a peaceful demonstration with thousands walking through the streets of Athens showing their support for Dancing Bruce became a disco queen's nightmare in only a matter of moments.

No one is exactly sure what caused the riot police to take a heavy hand. At 3pm all was calm and under control as the thousands marched and chanted slogans in support of Dancing Bruce. At approximately 315pm a disturbance broke out in the outer fringes of the demonstration. Everyone agrees that the change came after five short fat Greek woman dressed up as Bruce walked up to the riot police lining the street and started to dance. What no one agrees on was what the dance was that the little protesting women did that so infuriated the riot police. Some say it was a little break dance spin, others the Syrtaki, a traditional Greek dance while others insist that they began to Waltz. The Carrboro News in its effort to be as accurate as possible asked one hundred people what the dance was.....and received one hundred different answers, so your guess is as good as ours.


Demonstrators begin on Metropolis Street in downtown Athens. Note the sign in the bottom right hand corner carried by the group who failed to realize that the protest was no longer for the teachers but instead for Dancing Bruce.

As the riot police attacked, more and more people began to dance and more and more riot police attacked more and more people and more and more people began to dance. What kind of dance? Any kind you can think of...swing, free interpretation, modern, The Polka, The Electric Slide, The Mexican Hat Dance, The Bulgarian Fisherman's Dance, The German Potato Dance, The Russian Vodka Dance, The Spanish Bull Dance. Thousands danced forming a picture of total chaos and the riot police got angrier and angrier, lobbing more and more tear gas into the crowd turning the thousands of dancers into thousands of sobbing dancers, with first just a tear in their eyes followed by a few gentle sobs and finally erupting into uncontrollable wails sounding not unlike a visit to The Wailing Wall when its in full swing..

The riot police continued to attempt to disperse the crowd and the wailing continued.

"We love Bruce and everything he stands for", one demonstrator told us as tears were streaming down his cheeks. "He is America, He is the American Dream. Bruce IS the American Dream!".

"Yes", another demonstrator chimed in. "Bruce has life, Bruce is...Bruce is... The Zorba of America. He is the embodiment of Greece in an American's body. We don't think he belongs in America. We should bring him to Greece where he can dance and be with his people".

We explained that Bruce was sort of a national treasure of Carrboro and it would be very difficult for us to let him go and to prove our point asked them if they would mind shipping the Parthenon to Carrboro. The reply was in the form of a stunned silence as we were looked at in disbelief. "Are you crazy?".

"Just as crazy as you are for asking us for Bruce", we replied.... and then rushed back to the hotel to file this story.


The riot police heading towards Syntagma Square to squelch the riot. If you look closely you can see that the second police officer appears to be dancing his way up the street. Could he be a Dancing Bruce sympathizer?


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