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Weaver Street Rules!

Aproaching Weaver Street Market one fine day I passed shopper just around the corner form the famous Carr Mill Commons. He looked at me and said "Weaver Street Rules!" and raised his fist in what looked like a "right on" salute to the Gods looking over Carrboro.

"Yeah, " I said "Right on Brother! Weaver Street does rule!" Feeling like a complete hipocrite and hoping no one saw and heard me.

Hmmm....Weaver Street is a great place to hang out and I love taking my daughter there regardless of the constant fear that she will run into one of the many kid magnets...The Street. As I thought about it, maybe the guy was right, maybe Weaver Street does rule.... I started to recount the good things about Weaver Street and Carr Mill and I came up with 7 reasons why Weaver Street may rule...
1.Having a central meeting place that anyone can come to is a great addition to the community. I love that I can take the free bus to Weaver Street and then sit around the commons area with my daughter wandering through the yard and stopping to visit people we know. All without spending a dime.

2. It's a great place to find out what's going on around town with people handing out flyers and selling tickets.

3. When I'm tired and need to relax.... the benches are a great place to crash for a few hours..... or even under the tree if I brought my sleeping bag.

4. When I'm bored.... I know I'll be able to watch Bruce dance, hoopers hooping and an occassional musician playing an impromptu concert.

5. I love to take my dog there. What other place will give you a bowl to feed him with as well as clean up after your dog when he dumps on the lawn?

6. The pond and the tree are an incredible diversion for my daughter. She loves climbing the trees, walking around and throwing pebbles in the pond. She has developed a new game of seeing how fast she can run on the wall with out falling off and even though she has fallen a couple of times she hasn't landed on a rock yet, so until does, I'll keep her running. And if she falls in the pond, I'm hoping that her infant swimming lessons worked. She has also gained quite the reputation of the Olga Korbutt of Carrborro, thanks to her training in the trees.(it's either that or pay for a baby sitter!).

And finally....

7. Where else can you go that you can drink a quick brewski or a bottle of Boonesfarm without being hassled for it?

So yes.... he's right.... Weaver Street Rules!!!....but what is that white sign they just planted near the Grass..

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