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Carrboro Golf Course Opens!
Woods- Coleman Trade Putters.

For all of you who could not quite understand the infatuation with the odd shaped splotch of grass that Weaver Street Market religiously tried to nurse through a concert season only to have it die by June, the answer has arrived! For all the cynics, there was a plan, afterall.

With great fanfare the 18th hole of the Carrboro Urban Executive Golf Club opened in what will be a long string of hole openings with 17 more expected to open in the future. Not unlike the executive golf courses in the retirement villages of South Florida, with fairways sandwiched between rows of perfectly manicured buildings with broken windows, we can expect the same in Carrboro.

The 18 holes will wind through Carrboro, so golfers will be able to wander through town playing their holes and shopping at the same time. The Carrboro Business Association will be handling the rental operation of the fleet of stretch golf carts with extra storage space. All city buses will also be equiped with a special golf bag mount on the back of the bus that weary golfers can hang their bags on.

The first hole will be on the lawn in front of Town Hall with tee and hole on direct opposites side of the oak tree. Like most holes on the course it will be a par 2.

Other locations of the upcoming holes will be on the grass median on 54 West, just east of Carrboro Plaza(hole 13), Carrboro Elementary School(holes 4 and 9), McDougal track(hole 7), Fitches parking lot(hole 8) and Thomas Mills' backyard on the Oak Street(hole 10). There is continuing discussion as to the location of the other 9 holes as there is a shortage of green space to accommodate them. One option presented to the town was to clearcut Bolin Forrest and put the remaining 9 holes there along with the new McDonalds that will be opening in July..

If you're concerned about your ability to put the ball in the hole, the course has a special oversized hole about 8 times the size of a normal hole. This makes it extremely easy if you are using a regular golf ball, but for those of you who want more of a challenge, Weaver Street will be selling a special oversized golf ball which is approximately the size of a volley ball.(You may want to ask the information desk when their first shipment of balls will be in.)

In the opening ceremony Tiger Woods and Dan Coleman played the 18th hole. To everyone's surprise Coleman won the hole, sinking his ball and shooting par, while Woods went one over. Woods, the ultimate competitior demanded a replay, but Coleman claimed Executive Priveledge, as a member of the Carrboro Town Council and overrode the request.

In the customary exchange of golf clubs after the exhibition hole, Mr. Coleman again came out the winner. He immediately listed Tiger Woods putter on Ebay, sold it to the winning bidder for $23,153 and then went to the PTA Thrift shop to purchase another one. Mr. Woods was seen tossing Dan's putter in the trash can just before he boarded his motorcoach back to Florida.

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