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Recycleryer Spills the Goods, but luckily no one knew!

As any great newspaper must do in order to insure that we are handling our news stories and content the best we can, we make a sincere and diligent effort to keep an eye on the other newspapers. Not having the time to go into Chapel Hill to pick up a free newspaper, and not having money to purchase a daily subscription, we have to make do with the Wednesday and Sunday Editions that are bagged and waiting for us to wake up on Wednesday and Sunday Mornings(and sometimes on Tuesday and Saturday nights).

And so while reading an article in the Sunday, March 4, 2007 Chapel Hill News we came across a story that we just had to commend The Chapel Hill News for writing. It showed an incredible depth of empathy and support for community members who sometimes find themselves in compromised positions that they don't want known to the world. The Carrboro News, as does The Chapel Hill News recognizes that.

A bicycle or "bike", similar to what The Recyclery repairs and distributes.

The article we're talking about was written about the Recyclery, a Carroboro nonprofit that repairs bicycles and distributes them to the needy(I know, it's hard to believe that Carrboro has needy, but does!). This story dealt particularly with a load of unclaimed bicycles that the Chapel Hill Police had donated to the Recyclery. The story explained a little mishap that occurred when the bikes were being delivered.

"Richmond was able to carry six bicycles to each pickup's 12. He did take one turn too fast and spill his goods, but no one except for the caravan of pickups and cops was looking. He gathered the load back into the trailer and set off again, not the worse for wear".

We agree with The Chapel Hill News that wiping out on a bike with a trailer load of bicycles can be humiliating, to say the least. Having people see you wipe out is extremely embarrassing and thank goodness no one saw Richmond take that fateful spill. The last thing in the world Richmond would want is for people to know that he had wiped out delivering those bicycles. We're sure that Richmond is happy that no one except those assisting in the transfer of the bikes saw the spill. In fact, it's a minor miracle that with all the traffic in Carrboro/Chapel Hill that no one knew about it except for a handful of people assisting in the transfer.

And so Richmond, as humiliating as it may be if all of Chapel Hill/Carrboro knew that you took that spill and were sprawled out with your bicycles on the side of the road, you can rest assured that the little secret is safe with us. The Carrboro News as does The Chapel Hill news recognize how humiliating it would be for you to have been seen and we too are happy that no one was there to see you take the spill!

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