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Letters to The Editor-Mitch For Mayor
Mitch For Mayor Article

That's a great piece on our Mayor Wrench by the Carrboro (Eco)News(opoly), but I am wondering if the Oxford English Dictionary has approved of the new spelling for the ancient game of cricket? I assume that the dreaded Rotarians are responsible for the suggestion of "crickett" as per the "Rotary Cuff Decree of June 2006"-David
Yes, we can all sit around and wonder if an approved spelling from the Oxford University Dictionary was used, or if we are so worried about the facts, we can check. The Carrboro News aims to be close and doesn't expect to hit the bulls eye every time when it comes to spelling..But we know our own names so please make the correction in your notes it's E-C-O-N-O-P-O-U-L-Y...The Editor

Econopoly has asked me to pass this along: Before doing so, I checked some facts and, despite extensive google research, I was not able to confirm that Mitch played in the Dodgers organization prior to joining Autologic. I also checked into the term "rotary cuff" and found that this is indeed now the correct nomenclature for the tissue formerly known as "rotator cuff". This change was decreed in June by the 2006 Chapel Hill D League champions. Damn them. -Matt
In an attempt to foster critical thinking The Carrboro News has no regrets when wrongful facts get through the dragnet. We at The Carrboro News look at the difference between "Rotary" cuff and "Rotator" cuff as akin to splitting hairs, somewhere in Clinton's ballparkI(David and Matt both play softball so I'm sure we'll "connect" with ball language!) of "What do you mean by having sex?". Since there are only two cuffs in the human body that begin with the letters R-O-T-A, we don't foresee any grave mistake that could lead to a major misunderstanding of the general idea of the Article. Mayor Mitch screwed up is arm- whether it was the Rotary Cuff or The Rotator Cuff or the Rotation Cuff.- The guy can't throw the ball.....The Editor

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