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Fighting for Greenpeace! Save Land!
The following story was originally reported in The Carrboro Citizen. Our new reporter Esteban Uarez, on his first assignment has graciously translated this article from English to English.

Greenpeace come to Carrboro. Land full of trees maybe get cut down if wrong people buy it. Maybe make apartment building and take away trees. Maybe make shopping center and take away owls. Maybe make parking lot and take away mooses(but I never see mooses there- only gooses sometimes). Maybe make Wal-Mart and take away river(I like this one best!).

Greenpeace not happy. They want their Big House to be only house on land full of trees. They hold dinner to eat food for energy to make parade. Many people come and eat food. Many people walk up street in parade. People have signs. Other people have drum. One man dress as tree and also one big puppet there. Very big puppet- too big to walk under trees without bumping head.

Greenpeace help water and fish and even whales. I don't know many whales or fish in Carrboro. I know one swimming pool with movie theater. Maybe Greenpeace put small whale in swimming pool when movie end. Maybe Greenpeace cut down all trees to put Aquarium to save fish.

Also Bicycle store on Greenpeace land. Many, many bicycles. Many bicycles broken, but some fixed. If you want to buy bicycle cheap, they sell them. Store called Bicyclery Store.

Town olderman Dan Coleman say he want to help. He pay for some money for land, but not enough to buy land. Land cost $1.4 million, Dan not have $1.4 million so he help with telling Greenpeace how to get $1.4 million.

Carrrboro Greenpeace want to get money to buy land. If people want to help visit Greenpeace House Big-give money and sign letter. If people want Wal-Mart, big apartments or trees cut then stay home-do nothing today.

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