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Carrboro Train Station Set to Open- Rail Link Puts Town on The Right Track-Leaves Chapel Hill Railing

The Paris of The Piedmont has once again defied all odds making a tranportatorial decision that left even her greatest critics in awe. "Carrboro has everything it needs to become one of the major US Cities. It has schools, two nationally acclaimed newspapers(The Grandaddy News and the infant Citizen), roads, buses, electricity, indoor plumbing and Chapel Hill as it's neighbor. The only thing stopping her growth was the absence of the railroad. But that has all changed now!"


The Carrboro Central Train Station
The Red Line Express(to the right) carries commuters to NC State every hour and The Green Line(On the left) transports passengers from the Park 'n' Rides to UNC Campus. (Note the decorative bicycles tied to the rail to give it a distinctly European Flavor

Styling her modern 21st Century station after her European counterparts turn of the 19th Century stations was a stroke of genius admired by urban planners throughout the world. "When I walk into the Carrboro Train Station I see a timeless, placeless and spaceless world. I could be in Madrid, Paris, Nice, Frankfurt or Fayetteville."

Although at present there are only two lines(The NC State Express and the Park 'n' Ride Connection), more routes will be opening in September once they complete the rails through the other side of town. "Although we have plans to make this the Central Lower Eastern Mid-Atlantic Hub for all railways, we will have to wait until we finish the tracks. We're getting a little bit of resistance from the rail companies as they don't want to back their trains up for 5 miles to get back onto the main rail line. Once the new tracks are laid then the trains can continue straight through town and continue on their way. We expect the Cole Park Plaza Express to be very popular."

Chapel Hill is especially stung by the expansion of the railroad system. Carrboro has long been thought of as the little neighbor living in the shadows of Chapel Hill but this surprise development has elevated her status in the two town community. "Yes, Chapel Hill has an express bus to Durham, but we now have express trains to Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles and RDU Airport. I think it's safe to say that Chapel Hill got caught napping. No longer is Carrboro the "Gateway to Chapel Hill". When the Chapel Hill residents come to Carrboro to board their trains and get their tickets punched we'll all know what is which gateway to where!" said one alderperson.

Along with the developement of this new nationally connected train station is a restaurant for those people who long to go on a trip but can't afford the time and/or expense. Now you can sit in the station restaurant and eat and drink, pretending that you're getting ready to board the Midnight Express for your long awaited vacation. With the roar of the trains as they speed past, you're shaking table will get your pre-trip adrenaline flowing. Thanks to the new Carrboro Train Station Restaurant you can experience the pre-travel butterflies without ever leaving the safety of your home town. You may not be able to experience the click-clack, click-clack, click-clacking or a real online experience of dining, but the rattling and shaking of the station as the Chicago Express 911 passes through Carrboro is, if nothing else, the next best thing to being on it!


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