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No More Mr. Bad Guy- Carrboro Police Department Shops Hollywood for New Image

The Carrboro Police Department is tired of being looked at as the bad guy and has decided to give it's image a facelift. "Yes, we give out speeding tickets, parking tickets, court summons and protection orders.", The Carrboro News' undercover cop told us. "But that doesn't make us the bad guys! We're just doing our job!".

After consulting with a top Hollywood screenwriter it became evident that a change was necessary if the community was ever going to look at the police officers with love and admiration again. "In Hollywood white is good and black is bad. It's both evident and obvious in every movie you see. We have been aligning ourselves with the bad guys. Our old policecars were blue with a white top(see photo). Our community strategist had originally thought that having a white top would be just like having a white hat which would leave no doubt that we're the good guys! And maybe that was true in the past, but now that we're in the future and everything is much more muddled a mostly blue and white topped patrol car has an almost sinister look to it.

Out With The Old...In With The New
Carrboro Police Department shows off the sleek new white patrol car which has proven to soften the image of the Carrboro Police Department. More streamlined and prettier- it's sure to leave the old Blue and Whites in the dust.

"We decided that just like Mr. Clean, that bald earring throwback from the 60's, we needed all-white vehicles. We ran into a slight design glitch when we tried to apply the white detail work on the white body. There just wasn't enough contrast between the white and the white so we had to choose another color. We originally wanted the detail work to be pink which would make us less intimidating and make us more approachable, but the pink just clashed too much with the black tires. We tried to buy pink tires but they were way too expensive and would have put us over budget. We were also very concerned about our image in the newspapers and since most papers print in black and white, a black and white police car would be much more realistically photogenic when in the newspapers. We are now equally photographic as a high gloss high end centerfold or just in one of our local rags!"

A full color Glossy high end color photo and a black and white newspaper photo.... Can you tell the difference?

As important as the vehicular image is to a police department, the uniform is even more so. With the new sleek image an officer with a blue uniform mounting his patrol car would not be disimilar to putting a square peg in a round hole. The uniforms had to go but what to replace them with?

Once again the Hollywood image strategists were called in to oversee the transformation. "It's very important for our officers to be recognized as both officers and gentlemen. We want them to be approachable and respected!" a clearly ecstatic Carrboro Mayor told The Carrboro News. "After viewing a few Hollywood tearjerkers the direction we needed to go became evident. White uniforms it would be...."

An Officers and a Gentleman.......
Carrboro's finest proudly model their new uniforms..... Hollywood-designed to seamlessly meld with the new patrol cars- our men in white are now the envy of the Police community worldwide.

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