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The Carrboro News Subscriptions- Working out the Kinks

After a labor intense examination of the pros and cons of offering paid subscriptions to it's customers, The Carrborro News is little closer to making a decision.

"We consulted with The Carrboro Citizen to determine if the paper paper subscription/distribution route was the way to go. We recognize them as a leader in the world of International newspapers. As most Newspapers are cutting corners, laying off reporters and cutting circulation The Carrboro Citizen is entering an incredible boom cycle. Think about it, while most newspapers are cutting back, they went from 0 Newspapers two years ago to a carload or two today(actually, on Wednesday). If you were to graph that out on a chart, that would be spike through the ceiling! Who would you go to for advice? The New York Times which is cutting back it's staff or a local phenomenon right in our backyard? With long distance calling rates at the level they are, we chose local!"

The Carrboro News has been grappling with the decision for what seems like decades to a three year old paperless paper. "Writing all this stuff out, getting the proofs to the printer, printing out all those papers, lugging them around, putting them in boxes and then picking up the extras the next week to recycle seems like... well... kind of... a hassle." explained The Carrboro News Distribution Manager. "That is a lot of work. I really like distributing the paper online. Very cost effective and time efficient!"

With the The Carrboro News Graphics department on strike, in order to continue with our award winning article/photo combination we had to dig into our archives to find a photo. I don't usually like to divulge personal information, but this was taken the morning after the night I met Pamela Anderson(to you, but "Pammy" to me now) at the Franklin Street Hotel in Chapel Hill. Incidentally, it was after a meeting with Kirk Ross - editor, reporter, owner, subscription manager and distribution manager of The Carrboro Citizen. Kirk had left immediately after the meeting saying "Ain't nothing going to happen in this dead beat place!". As timing would have it, he walked out the back door exactly 20 seconds before Pammy walked in the front door looking for Kirk. She looked a little disappointed when I told her that Kirk went home to work, but after a few drinks, she loosened up and forgot all about him.

While the decision to go paper was hard, they have been grappling with the subscription route with even more difficulty. "Getting these individual newspapers out to the car and driving all around town is not my idea of time and cost efficient. Even loading up the family wagon and driving to the post office seems lie... well... kind of.... a hassle." explained The Carrboro News Subscription Manager who has been waiting in the wings for his new job. "We at The Carrboro News believe in the new 21st Century Work ethic. Sit at the computer for a couple of hours and then call it "a day!".

In the original business plan scribbled out three long years ago we are approaching the projected date of the implementation of the paper paper to be distributed with the subscription implementation date scheduled to follow shortly after the Carrboro Newspaper is distributed in paper. Should we not move ahead with the paper paper route then most likely the subscription route will not happen either.

Evidently one road block in the subscription route is the idea of a plethora of pissed off customers calling, emailing or even worse, stopping by the office to complain about our lack of efficiency in distributing our paper. "All it takes is one errant newspaper and one phone call to ruin my day" explained the Subscription Manager. As a matter of fact, we're at least two years away from implementing our subscription program and we already received a complaint.

I am a new customer and didn't receive my paper this past week.
I had the same problem 2 weeks ago-my first week of subscribing. Please let me know if this is going to be an ongoing problem and if so I will cancel my subscription. Thanks
Chris K.

"If we got one complaint without even having a subscription program, can you imagine how many we'll get once we start a subscriptions? I think we're talking major headache here!"

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