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Carrboro Farmer's Market or Carrboro Baby Market?
Page 2
Here we see a seller carting his two children. As you can expect it's a pretty traumatic experience for a child to be put on the market so it appears that sometimes babies are drugged to keep them asleep.(Note baby on left and baby in background below)

There seems to be an inordinate amount of babies for one little Farmer's Market. The woman in the background with her hands on her hips also appears to be the lookout.(The man in the background seems perplexed that the sedative worked on one of his babies and not the other).

You'll notice in the double strollers that the smaller child is the one that is asleep which leads us to believe that both children are administered the same amount of "medicine", often not enough to put the larger baby to sleep.

The man on the right appears to be a buyer who has purchased a baby. We believe the man on the left was the seller and is rushing to get one last look at his baby. It appears that there is a moment of elation when a seller receives the cash, but after a few moments the reality sets in and they go through a little panic stage.(We're not sure, but we suspect that this man may have traded his child for a bag of vegetables and is just beginning to regret it)
The buyer on the left is taking her baby home, on the right is another buyer with an empty carriage(sunglasses are the key). She appears to be on the phone(possibly a day trader), probably describing a baby to her partner. Some buyers come to the market with empty carriages. This saves them money since they don't have to buy the carriage from the sellers.
There are a lot of things you need to look at in order to buy a baby, one of which is physical ability. This playground seems to be where the babies are left to crawl and climb while buyers look them over inconspicuously. At first we thought the man on the left was a buyer, but once we noticed the absence of sunglasses we realized that he was most likely a seller, keeping a watchful eye over his baby.

As we said, our investigative report was inconclusive, but there seems to be quite a bit of evidence leaning towards the existence of a baby market. The Carrboro News invites all our readers to go down and investigate for themselves. As you can imagine, with our high standards of journalism, The Carrboro News would not want to confirm the existence of the baby market at The Carrboro Farmer's Market, unless we had 100% incontrovertiable evidence of such, therefore, we leave it up to the reader to confirm this story in their own minds.

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