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Saving Russian Brides- One Man's Crusade!

There has been a massive influx of Eastern European women escaping their lives in their homelands to come to America. The meet their true love on the Internet or in various settings "over there", in massive singles get togethers which feature women from over there and men from over here. The mingling, done via a "dance", which looks like a game of musical chairs with two sets of chairs in a circle facing each other. One set for American men and the other set for East European Woman. With these method you can have face to face meetings with up to 20 women in an hour.

With the great success of this game of partner musical chairs, and the miracle matches that follow have come an influx of Eastern European Women like the US has never seen! And with that influx of marriages has come an influx of separations like the world has never seen.

These poor woman, sometimes short of their green card, sometimes possessing their green card are easy prey for the wolves who have been silently watching from the sidelines, waiting for the final breakup. These are the guys who don't want to spend their own money going over to Europe to meet the woman, so instead, they push their friends to do it, and then wait...and wait...and wait.

Once the original husband has tagged and released his catch, the feeding frenzy begins and the results are not always pretty! The Carrboro News was very concerned about the rate of having a second crummy marriage and was thinking of getting into the business of Saving Russian Brides- a costly and time-consuming task for any foolish person to get involved in.

We were dreading the day that we would invest our time and energy at the expense of our news collection and dissemination project, but we also knew we had a duty to our community.

Luck had it on one Thursday night at Weaver Street Market, that we ran into a slightly pathetic character name Marked(pronounced Mar-Ked) Cannes(pronounced Cans). A practicing attorney with a heart the size of a semi and a set of ethics on the scale of Dick Cheney's, this was THE MAN who could help Save Russian Brides. He also believed it as he had already set up his business to do such- spearheaded by his web site, which is still in the infancy stage, but still gives you an idea of the kind of man behind the scheme, or if you prefer, project. See Saving Russian Brides.

"I LOVE Russian woman and Eastern European woman, and Asian Woman, and Middle-Eastern woman and Hispanic woman. I LOVE them all and want to help all. It seems European woman need more help so I help them more, but I help anyone. I show them how wonderful America is and how to do things here so they can be OK.", explained Marked.

We were amazed at his enthusiasm and asked him how his family and wife feel about his spending so much time helping these poor woman. "Family and wife?", he replied, with a devious smile on his face. "No, no, no married and no family. That's why I help so much. I want them to feel happy and safety."

The depths of his desires suddenly became evident to us and we decided that it would be counter productive to try to interpret anything for this helpful, caring and lustful man... so we will leave it to him. Meet Marked through his own words and web site , which is still under construction....but being updated often.

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