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Mitch For Carrboro Mayor-
Chapel Hill Resident Throws in Hat For Carrboro Mayoral Office

On Saturday, August 5, Mitch called 250 of his closest friends together for what they thought was going to be a 50th birthday celebration with live music and dead goat for dinner. The group was elated to hear Mitch announce his candidacy but were somewhat purplexed because the election was just held last year. As any seasoned politician will do, Mitch quickly transformed his own perplexed look to a smile, laugh and joke about how he is preparing for the next election, and then promptly asked if anyone happened to know when the next election would be.(half joking?).

But who is Mitch really? Is he the guy with the skinny legs, bald head and drooping socks who is reputed to be lost in the 60's? Is that a picture of him flashing the "Victory" sign for what this savy politician predicts will be his victory in the next election, or is it a greeting of peace to all The Carrboro News' readers?

Mitch is complex. How else could you describe a Chapel Hill resident that is running for a Town of Carrboro office? He doesn't like to play by "the rules". He'd rather stick them in a box, shake it and let them fall to the floor in a pile and then slowly remove and use the ones he thinks would suit himself, much in the way a child would play "pick up sticks."

Mitch is considerate. How else would you describe a man who is keeping his last name off the ballot because he is concerned with what the throng of publicity would do to his family and their life should the community learn that his last name is Renkow. We, at The Carrboro News, applaud him for that and if we were running for public office, we would also do anything we could to keep our last names out of the public domain.

Mitch is a musican. That more than anything else probably explains his demeanor. If any of our readers have ever had a chance to spend any amount of time with a musician(and we don't mean watching Ozzie on stage for 4 hours) you'll know what we're talking about. Musicians are...well....sort of like artists, but just a little bit less so. He plays in a band called On the Road, or maybe it's Off the Road(with the oldest Male Hooper in Carrboro, Michael Chandler) but The Carrboro News has heard that it will be changed to Off the Record once Mitch's November("in whatever year")victory is complete.

Mitch is a softball player. Like most of the players in the Chapel Hill Rec Department league, Mitch's days as the shortstop in the Los Angeles Dodgers minor league system are long over.(The CH Rec league has the highest per capita of ex-professional baseball players in the United States!) His slow pitch softball career almost ended when he tore his rotary cuff in New Zealand playing rugby(or maybe crickett or it could have been when he threw a 10 pound can of baked beans out the window at the kids who were playing crickett while he was trying to sleep). In his quick thinking manner he extended his career by moving to first base and now runs and hands the ball to someone who can throw it since his only other option would be to throw underhanded. Mitch, the upfront type of guy he is, declared to The Carroboro News, "long ago my father sat me on his lap and said 'Mitchell, if you want to be respected in this world, don't ever do anything underhanded'. To this day I have heeded my father's advise".

Mitch is a mayor. Not many mayors are mayors before they become mayors, but Mitch is the exception. He believes that people should dance where they want, parking garages should go up and not out and strongly supports the notion that Carrboro needs to have a Bruceway and Statue of The Dancing Bruce.

The Carrboro News whole heartedly supports Mitch's candidacy.... Do you?(please complete the poll).

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