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Parking Garage Slated to Ease Carrboro Parking Woes.

The Carrboro News has just found out that a new parking garage is slated to be constructed in the near future to help ease what many residents call, "a really screwed up parking situation!".

The new parking garage, to be built on the corner of Weaver Street(The Bruceway) and North Greensboro Street, will be built in such a way as not to destroy the landscaping, which earned them an award from The Carrboro News.

The new parking garage, as seen in the architectural rendering buy the architectural firm Drawem, Quicly & Sellem, will leave the standing buildings and landscaping virtually untouched. Climbing 11 stories into the air(not counted the 60 foot WCOM antenna), the mega-building will hold 132 cars, more than enough to ease the parking problems of Carrboro.

Originally, the building was going to be an automated system in which the cars where put on an elevator and then parked through out the building, but that would have required, making alterations to the landscaping which the Town of Carrboro made abundantly clear would be unacceptable. "When we have a landscaping motif that adds so much beauty to the community", one town official explained, "we wouldn't allow it to be tampered with, even if the building was the Taj Mahal!. We recognize what this little parcel of land has done for our community and we aim to protect it with all our capabilities."

Once the automated car loading method was nixed, there was a scramble to find another way to load the cars. As construction was slated to begin in the fall, all involved believed that an 11-story parking garage with no way to get the cars into the garage might be a bit of an embarrassment to a community with the farsightedness to prepare a 2020 plan(After all, how many communities do you know that have the foresight to plan to start planning their communities so far in the future!). The idea that finally won was the extended fork lift method.

The cars will drive into the parking lot(from the backside) and drive onto a large pallet. The forklift, with it's extended reach will allow it to extend 12 stories in the air, gently sliding the pallets, with their payload of car gently into place. The cage of the forklift will be made of super extra-strength titanium to protect the driver from falling cars.

The cost to park a car will be $1 an hour with optional insurance available for $20. For those of you who want to try to save money and avoid the insurance, The Carrboro News suggests that you contact your insurance company to see if your policy covers mishaps in forklift loading garages.(We know that some policies cover damage from falls up to the 5th floor, so make sure you specify the 12 floor model!)

For those of you who noticed the extended WCOM antenna which will undoubtedly expand their broadcasting area, WCOM has plans, which The Carrboro News will cover in the very near future.

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