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July 17, 2006
The Carrboro News to Donate Millions of Dollars
to Local Organizations!

In it's continued desire to help the community The Carrboro News has added one more feather to it's belt. The new program will ingeniously enrich individuals(both in Carrboro and abroad) and organizations simultaneously to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

This new program has the non-profits giggling with delight as they have been unsuccessfully trying to replenish the coffers that are depleted or close to being depleted by the various Bush Administration programs which call for the government to step back and allow the community to step forward. There have been very few individuals or organizations to step forward so The Carrboro News Share the Wealth Program is a welcome sight.

In an exclusive interview with The Carrboro News we were able to get the details which we're passing on to you. This is not only information that's good to know, but if you take advantage of the leads they provide, you could become a very wealthy individual also.

It seems that The Carrboro News, either directly or through it's subsidiaries receives dozens of emails from responsible citizens around the world who have access to vast amounts of money, usually in the bank accounts of deceased relatives, friends or clients. As The Carrboro News is renowned for it's high standard of ethics it is recommended by Chamber of Commerces, Banks and Associates from all around the world.

"We get so many requests that we could not possibly follow up on all of them," The Carrboro News accountant explained to us. "It seemed like such a shame to let all those hundreds of millions of dollars go to waste so we tried to develop a program to use our standing in the community that would benefit us all." He went on to explain that this is actually a three prong plan that will help our community, individuals in our community and the upstanding citizens around the world who want to join us in this program.

The process is actually quite simple- The Carroboro News will post the letters we recieve on our Sharing the Wealth Page. Individuals in the community can then follow up by phoning or emailing the contact. Once the transaction is complete, the community member will donate a suggested amount to the local organization that The Carrboro News recommends. It's a win, win, win for everyone!

With the newly found wealth we ask everyone on our community to get involved so we can infuse these hundreds of millions of dollars into our community! Make it your duty answer those emails and bring the dollars back to Carrboro!

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