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SUV's- The Silent Majority

I'm sure you've all heard the health warning, we are what we eat, but did you know that we are also what we drive? The automobile, whether it's sitting in a flower garden looking like a giant flower pot, or racing down Interstate 85 at 80 miles per hour is a reflection of who we are. Every morning we climb into the clothes that define who we are and then climb into our car that defines who we are and then climb into our job that defines where we don't want to be.

When someone sees you driving, they have a basic idea of who you are, but some people want to be better defined, so they add that little extra umph to help define themselves by putting a bumper sticker on their car(The "bumper sticker" has evolved in the last century from meaning a sticker placed on the bumper of a car to a sticker placed anywhere on your car.) According to our survey(See picture below). 50% of all vehicles on the road are SUV's, but according to another survey we took 99% of SUV's don't have bumper stickers.

A The Carrboro News fact: Clearly 50% of all vehicles in parking lots(and therefore on the road) are SUV's.

The Carrboro News believes there are a number of reasons why SUV's don't have bumper stickers(Most notable missing bumper sticker is the yellow ribbon that says "We support our troops". We spoke to the upstanding citizens of Carrboro and the consensus seems to be that SUV people are in a bit of a quandry. Most do support our troops and would like to display a sticker to make it known, but on the other hand they also recognize that our dependence on foreign oil is also in part due to the fact that we drive so many gas guzzling vehicles. So what do you do? Show your support with a support the troops bumper sticker and have people look at you with eyes that say "If you want to really support our troops, why don't you get rid of your gas-guzzling pig?" or you can not display the bumper sticker and have people look at you thinking "Why don't you sell your car and buy something a little more efficient so we don't remain so dependent on foreign oil!."

These big boys don't need bumper stickers anyway... everyone knows what their owners think!

One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous suggested that maybe the SUV'sy used to have "support the troops" magnetic bumper stickers but they fell off because the distributor, trying to save money and going on Bush's assertion that the war would be short-lived opted for the less expensive magnet that only sticks for 6 months.

"God Bless America" and a Florida license plate. There's no doubt what this owner believes.
We're sure that Bush-Cheney both appreciate this SUV owners support. And the revenue the oil companies are raking in from SUV gas sales.
Anyway, enough battering of the SUV's by The Carrboro News.... Let's see what our readers think!

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