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James Street River Overflows- One evacuated

On July 27, a sudden thundershower dropped a massive amount of rain on James Street turning the James Street River into raging rapids. One unlucky resident is at the convergence of four of the James Street River tributaries and experienced intense flooding.

While working on his computer his wife told him the yard was flooding. Thinking she was exaggerating he continued to write his articles for The Carrboro News. Upon finishing his work, he walked over to the window and looked out. "Damn", he muttered to himself, "our yard is flooding". He walked out his door, through the river and out to the driveway to make sure that none of the vehicles were floating away. Assured that they were safe, he picked up his camera to document the damage.

He made a mental note that it was ironic that as we were approaching the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the damage it rained on New Orleans that he would be experiencing the same kind of devastation in Carrboro.

"I was never worried about our house being submerged, but I was very concerned about my dog's house. Like all Carrboroians, our house is over-insured but I forgot to insure my dog's house!. Had the flood waters risen a little higher, it could have been devistating for Gordy. As it was, his blankets got soaked, had his house floated away, he'd be homeless!"

One of the positive results of this flood is that when the James Street River overflows it's banks, just like the mighty Amazon and Euphrates Rivers, it leaves a silty cover of very fertile soil that enriches the farmland surrounding her banks. The residents of James Street should have a banner year for bumper crops so keep an eye for the vegetable stands that should be arriving soon!

Luckily, the waters receeded just as fast as they rose and all our homes were spared, but the residents are still awaiting the arrival of FEMA.

"I think I need some government assistance", one resident moaned. "I could use one of those trailers or a $2000 a month allowance for a year".

All calls to FEMA went unanswered, but we left them our phone number so they still call back shortly!

The sleepy little James Street River overflows her banks as she becomes a raging river.

Gordy's house after the evacuation.

A car and a motorcycle on the verge of being washed down river.

The James River Bridge is flooded by the raging waters.

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