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Global Warming-Finally Some Good News

Driving home from Lowe's Home Improvement the other day I was listening to WCHL's local news. Like so many other times, I didn't have my notepad with me, so I don't have all the facts, but I remember enough to pass it on to you.

It seems like Duke University is finally emerging from it's dark period following the Lacrosse team misunderstanding.(Do you realize that had the Lacrosse thing come out during basketball season then it would never have even made the news- Those boys need to following Karl Rove's lead as to when to have news releases released for the best marketing advantages!).

A tree, similar to the ones that were used in the Duke University experiment.

We drove to Duke Univeristy but couldn't see any 150 foot tall greenhouses that could house these trees, leading us to wonder if the experiment really occurred.

A named professor(who's name I didn't write down) ran a little experiment to investigate the effects of global warming on trees. He put a bunch of trees in a green house(the best way to reproduce 'the green house effect' is by setting up a green house!), and pumped it full of massive quantities of CO2 and CO1(if we leave out the '1', Carbon Monoxide may be confused with Colorado or Company or something else).

We're not sure how much CO2 and Carbon Monoxide he pumped in and we're not sure for how long he let it sit there but we can certainly find out if anyone is interested.(Let us know and we'll tell you where you can search for it on Google....and speaking of Google.....just for fun, why don't you go to Google, put in "Failure" and see what comes up! On August 28, the number one listing was the worst president the country has ever seen.)

The Green House(replicating the Green House effect) has now completely saturated the trees with Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide. If it were you or I sitting in a car in the garage, we'd be in pretty bad shape, especially after a couple of weeks. You would expect the trees to have similar disastrous results, wouldn't you?

The (mad?) scientist continued to torment the trees but taking the green house and filling it with frozen air(if only we could do this to the White House!). Remember he ran the same experiment with trees that he didn't treat with massive quantities of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide. The end result.....

The trees that were exposed to massive amounts of CO2 and Carbon Monoxide were able to sustain freezing better than the trees that weren't. So.... to put it in simpler terms...

As global warming continues, temperatures will rise, but trees will be able to handle increasingly cooler weather as the temperature continues to rise.

Now, that's useful information that was well worth the funding!

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