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THE DREAM.....Dancing Bruce Sacrificed.....and Finally a Good Night's Sleep!

In a grand fashion, the warring parties united against the common enemy, called a news conference and presented their plan to save Carrboro from Bruce and other undesirables. But not everyone takes such a cynical view of the events of the last week. I, for one, am relieved as I finally had my first restful night without having been woken up by the horrendous nightmare that's been recurring for the last 8 months.

My subconscious mind seems to have gotten the best of me, and my greatest fears for the future of my daughter resulted in a recurring nightmare that wouldn't go away....until I knew she was safe.....And now, finally...she is!

But I think it's important for the world to know the pain and loss of sleep that Dancing Bruce has caused me. Can you imagine going to bed every night, terrified, that THE DREAM is going to come back.....and then having THE DREAM come back..... and waking up in a pool of sweat and staring at the ceiling until dawn out of fear that THE DREAM will return if you close your eyes even a wink. That was me!

THE DREAM started harmlessly enough, siting on the lush green grass on the Weaver Street Commons, daughter on my lap, watching the unicorns playing in the grass, little angels dancing in the trees and The Bruceway -devoid of traffic- only dancers from the world quietly dancing away.

Suddenly in the distance I can hear a slight buzz, which is getting increasingly louder... off in the distance I see Swade and Stu Cole driving up on their chopped bicycles, holding running chainsaws over their heads. The pull up to the giant oak and begin cutting at the massive trunk.... the unicorns look up and then disappear through the Christmas Tree Lot and I fear are never going to be seen again. Off in the distance I now hear music playing which is getting louder and louder...

I look towards the railroad tracks and see Dancing Bruce decked out in a full majorette uniform marching towards Weaver Street, followed by hundreds of people. But not just regular people- They are dancers, jugglers, magicians, undesirables, convicts in their stripped prison clothes, Mormons with their multiple wives, eight homosexuals dressed as Arnold Swartzenegger and a pack of dogs, peeing and defecating on everything they can see. It was like a tidal wave of the dregs of humanity, closing in on me and my pure innocent daughter.

With a mighty crash the giant oak fell, as it hit the ground it was instantly pulverized and disappeared.... The parade entered the commons, like a tsunami, devouring everything in it's way. As it approached us, suddenly like the Red Sea, it parted and the entourage of the Carr Mill Owners(not to be confused with the Weaver Street Market Owners) in their black pin-stripped three-piece suites came marching through the parted crowd, walking right up to us and saying "Don't worry, little helpless girl and her father......we are here to save you". As they marched past I saw that Nathan was in quick pursuit, trying to keep up with them, followed by his own entourage of elves.

"Nathan", said Carr Mill Owner #1, "Make these people be gone!" waving his hand in the air like a wand. Nathan saluted his superior, clicked his heels and turned towards the crowd.

"I want you gone now!." he repeated over and over again...but to no avail.

At this point I am sweating and beginning to worry about the fate my myself and my daughter. What appears to be our only hope is not getting very far.

Suddenly, I see the crowd part again and Ruffin appears and walks up to Nathan. He whispers in Nathan's ear and then Nathan in his... and suddenly they break out in a Tango. The Carr Mill Owners look back in disgust, but Nathan winks at them as if saying "Don't worry...we have it under control!".

They Tango across the commons and suddenly the crowd joins up in pairs each group falling into line until there is a long line of paired Tango-ers, following Nathan and Ruffin, with a lone Bruce sitting on a bench quietly reading a book. The line then goes off towards the Carr Mill Mall and everyone disappears except us and Bruce.

Bruce looks at us and says...."hmmmm.....How can I read with all those people dancing?" he says with a wink. And then he stands up, bows to all four corners of the world, kneels down, kisses the ground and says to my daughter, "Dear, may I have the next dance?".

And so my greatest fear is about to be realized when suddenly Nathan and Ruffin reappear without the other group and whisper...."We would like to call a Press Conference". and explain "We have come up with a compromise.... We formally recognize Bruce as King of The Commons and leave it up to him to use his discretion as to who can and can't perform here!"

At this point I wake up as I don't need my subconscious to tell me what this conscious mind is well aware of it..... The beginning of the end of the Grand Society of Carrboro..... How can I possible go back to sleep knowing the horrendous places that my dream would take me next.....

But that's all over now....Carrboro is safe....and the unicorns are playfully dancing on The Commons.

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