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The Ban of The Dancing Bruce

At first I thought that it was a whimsical story about Bruce, the Dancer being banned from Weaver Street Market Commons by the management of Carr Mill(Nathan Millian), but when I went out to Weaver Street's Afterhours, I could hardly enjoy my dinner and a glass of beer as that was the topic of conversation. I say "conversation", but I think there is a better word for it somewhere in the English Language(I just don't know it). People were very animated, incensed, infuriated and were talking about all sorts of ways of remedying the situation from calling a boycott of Carr Mill Mall, mass phone calls to the management and even a racial discrimination lawsuit.

And what does The Carrboro News not think of it(This is an editorial, not necessarily the view of the newspaper).

The first thought that comes to mind is- If they are worried about appearances, why don't they do something about the "common" lawn? The dirt mixed with the bark mulch and strands of green nylon netting that held together what many months before had been a velvet carpet of green grass(although it was VERY short-lived this year as an early rain storm began the demise of the beloved grass only a week after it was planted) is more of an eye sore than 20 dancing Bruce's would be, let alone one single one!

But maybe it's not a dancing Bruce that's the could be that Dancing Bruce is black. Would a 60 year old white woman practicing Tai Chi be banned from Weaver Street for dancing on the lawn(Of course, having the Gray Panthers behind you would be a deterrent to anyone trying to ban her!)? We're not saying it is a case of race discrimination, but it sure could look that way in the eyes of the law.

At left: The pose that is the frontrunner for the Statue of The Dancing Bruce.

Master Dancer Bruce in his element and in happier times. If he's dancing with others as here during a Sunday Brunch "It's A-OK", but by himself is unacceptable to Carr Mill Mall Management.


The second thought that comes to mind is that it's ridiculous that this is even an issue. Did someone complain that Bruce was dancing, or was it a decision made by the management of Nathan Millian Management because they didn't like the image it portrayed? Either way, since it's common area(although privately owned), it would seem that management making a unilateral decision has a very fascist ring to it(but that seems to be how authority figures-starting with the President- like to operate in the beginning of the third millinium-Democracy is a concept well past it's hayday).

I know, I know, it's private property so they should be able to set the standards that they wish. But why in the world would someone in an office in Baltimore care if someone is dancing on the lawn(remember, people pay good money to go to a ballet, we get a free show- you can only imagine how many dance lovers are drawn to Weaver Street Commons for the free show!)? It could be a dancing albino elephant and shouldn't make a difference to someone in an office in Baltimore. As a matter of fact(rare with this newspaper) I wonder how the guys sitting in the office in Baltimore even heard about The Dancing Bruce. To the best of my knowledge, he hasn't received any national press recently. But then again, maybe it's the local office that has a problem with it....

Regardless, after three sleepless nights, The Carrboro News has come up with a solution...

A Solution to the Ban of Bruce.... The Bruceway....

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