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911 Revisited

A friend sent an online video that she suggested I look at. It was called the September 11 Cover Up. I watched it with an open mind and finished with a blown mind! It's two hours long, and in most parts easy to follow, but on a few occasions I had to rewind and listen again to be sure my ears heard right.

The film is two hours long and covers the events of that day as well as many events leaving up to the day. Without going into too much detail I'll just state a few of the facts and then you can decide whether you want to watch the video in it's entirety or not.

1. Never before or after 911 has a concrete and steel building collapsed due to fire. On September 11 three of them within hundreds of yards of each other collapsed completely.(Yes, two were hit by airliners, but the third was not hit by an airliner!)

2. The 3 buildings fell at the rate of gravity. Had they collapsed floor upon floor, it would have taken the North and South towers 45 seconds to collapse... not 9-10 seconds.

3. Seven of the 19 highjackers are alive and well and living in the Middle East as pilots, bankers and other professionals.

4. Never before 911 or since has a jetliner crashed and the 6 ton titanium and steel engines disintigrated into nothing. It happened twice on 911.

5. Cell phones will not work(or excuse me, they have a .0006% chance of working) in an airliner traveling at 550 miles an hour at 32,000 feet.(remember all the phone calls from Flight #93).

6. At the Pentagon they were able to identify 185 or the 189 bodies, but could not find any parts of the jet engines. So human body parts survived, but the titanium and steel jet engines didn't.

7. Workers and firemen report a series of blasts through out the World Trade Center Towers as well as a massive explosion in the basement that caused countless injuries(this was 90 floors below where the plane hit!), shattering windows and causing huge marble sections to fall off the walls.

Get the picture? Get the rest of the picture here if you like... 911 Cover Up

and if you want more info... visit the Scholars for Truth Website to see what Academicians say about it.

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