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Carrboro Farmer's Market or Carrboro Baby Market?

The Carrboro News received the following tip from a concerned resident so we decided to investigate for ourselves....The Saturday Farmer's Market is secretly harboring a baby market. Some might go so far as to say that babies are being sold on the black market on the premises, but participants would probably prefer to call it a green market, since in most cases the babies are organically farmed. When you see a person pushing a stroller, taking up practically the whole aisle to stop and have a long conversation with someone, you might just think that it's two people bumping into each other and catching up on the latest news, but the sinister truth is that this is how the baby market transactions take shape. Yeah, you were wondering why it was necessary for so many people to bring the strollers into the crowded aisles. I was wondering, too.

Sensing that this was an important story The Carrboro News sent the full staff out to investigate. We saw a lot of activity that could be called "suspicious", but were unable to confirm that there is a baby market operating within The Carrboro Farmer's Market. We spoke to many parents but none of them admitted to selling their babies(and The Carrboro News is not sure if there is anything wrong with selling your baby, if you do it with your own free will and are not under an financial duress). But we have to admit, since this was all new to us we were unsure of what approach to take, we tried asking directly if a baby was for sale but got no positive responses, then we tried another approach and asked if the baby was sold by the pound or at a bulk price- and still no positive responses.

Se here are our photos for you to review. You may want to investigate this yourself, but in order to make yourself inconspicuous you'll want to purchase some vegetables as you walk through the market. We spent 5 hours investigating and ended up with 63 pounds of zucchini, 23 pounds of tomatoes and a 3 40-pound watermelons.

This appears to be some sort of holding area for children that have been sold. Notice high ratio of children to adult. The man in the orange shirt in the background appears to be some sort of guard or lookout.
This was very suspicious. Children belong in strollers and carriages. A wagon is for transporting your wares to or from market. The trailer may be an indication that the two must be purchased as a set.
This couple is obviously new at the market(most couples usually frequent the market during pregnancy to become comfortable in the environment). This couple is very rigid and seems to be looking too intently in one direction, as if they are looking out for police officers. Being too uptight seems to scare off buyers.
Sunglasses seem to indicate a buyer. The man on the left appears to have purchased one baby while the woman in the foreground is in the market and seems to be carefully inspecting the child(Probably for sun damage). The man in the red shirt may be attempting to purchase the baby from the buyer. Often a baby is sold more than once in a day by a "day trader". This is can be a very lucrative way of working the market, but risky, as the longer you hold onto the baby, the greater the chance of a dirty diaper, which will lessen it's value considerably.


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